Megapixel CCTV Cameras

Megapixel CCTV Cameras

Puls Global supply and install a full range of Megapixel CCTV cameras from a growing list of manufacturers, including Arecont, Avigilon, Axis, IoImage, IQinvision, Lumenera, and SentryScope.

Click on the Megapixel Camera Resolution Comparison link, to see a full list of Megapixel CCTV cameras, together with all of the useful specifications.

Megapixel cctv cameras break away from the restraints of 4 CIF video recording, currently regarded as the benchmark for high quality video recording at 704 x 576 pixels.

Put simply, a 4 CIF image is 704 pixels wide and 576 pixels high, so the image is built up from 405,504 pixels.

The 11 Megapixel camera from Lumenera gives images up to 4,008 pixels wide and 2,672 pixels high, which is 10,709,376 pixels, which is 43.4 times the resolution of 4 CIF.

To put matters into perspective, the new Full High Definition TV format (HDTV) is 1,920 pixels wide and 1,080 pixels high. (Click here to view a detailed article on HDTV image formats)

At the top of the league is the amazing SentryScope camera, which gives a stunning 21 Megapixel image (10,240 x 2,048 pixels).

The SentryScope camera employs it's own dedicated server pc for recording images, which can be viewed or played back on any network attached pc.

Our other Megapixel cameras can be integrated into any suitable IP based CCTV system.

Our Resolution Comparison Table is a convenient way to appreciate the overwhelming advantages of megapixel cameras. From the table, you can also view or download sample images in most of the video formats for direct side by side comparison.

Puls Global offer the Wavelet Technology range of Wavestore digital video recorders, which include hybrid units capable of recording IP network and Megapixel CCTV cameras together with conventional composite video CCTV cameras in the same box, making them an ideal upgrade path for your existing CCTV systems.

Megapixel cameras produce images that can be digitally zoomed many times over, whilst still maintaining very useable high quality footage.

Image Cropping

Historically, CCTV images have been viewed and recorded with a standard 4:3 aspect ratio, which is the same aspect as a conventional television set, and that of all current CCTV monitors.

Widescreen television has demonstrated that a more natural view can be achieved by breaking away from the conventional 4:3 format.

Megapixel cameras offer even more flexibility, and give the ability to independently select the horizontal and vertical resolutions, so that the camera only views the principal area of interest, which results in the image file size being reduced accordingly, so that less storage space is used.

Image cropping also increases the number of frames that the camera can produce per second.

Images can be cropped to give a landscape or portrait view to suit the particular application.

Landscape views are ideal for many applications, including petrol forecourts, sports stadiums, car parks and production lines.

A landscape view could be used at a sports stadium to either monitor spectator activity, or could be turned onto the pitch to support sports analysis applications, as the entire playing field can be viewed with just one camera.

Portrait views, although difficult to imagine, also have very many applications, such as large aisles in stores and warehouses, car parks, train station platforms, pedestrian walkways, subways and bridges.

To conclude, image cropping simply frees up the storage space that would otherwise have recorded unwanted information, and also improves the performance of the Megapixel camera.

Please request a demonstration disk for sample images from our Megapixel camera range. It would be helpful if you could identify your particular application so that we can include images that are relevant for your application.

Please contact us if you would like further information on our range of Megapixel CCTV Cameras.

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