CCTV video surveillance systems from Puls Global

CCTV Video Surveillance Systems from Puls Global

Puls Global specialise in the design, supply, installation, maintenance and support of professional cctv video surveillance systems worldwide.

Our full range of conventional static and pan-tilt-zoom cctv cameras is further enhanced with a series of IP network and multi-megapixel cameras, thermal imaging cameras, automatic number plate recognition systems and intelligent video analysis auto-tracking cameras for fully automated detection and tracking of suspicious events.

The Puls-Rate range of sports analysis systems offers a full choice of products to suit any sporting application.

The Puls-Rate systems can consist of either conventional video cameras, IP Megapixel video cameras with resolutions up to 4872 x 3248 pixels, or Gigabit ethernet cameras for ultra high speed capture rates of 115,000+ images per second.

The Puls-Rate systems may have multiple synchronised camera inputs, and may be interfaced with a variety of data capture and analytical devices, such as pressure sensors etc.

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Puls Global are proudly certified and authorised to design, supply, install and maintain the Endura video security system from Pelco.

The Pelco Endura system is the most flexible and advanced solution that the industry currently has to offer and provides all of the components necessary for the design and installation of a complete networked digital video system. With encoders, decoders, recorders, PC workstations, console displays, storage units, and advanced management technologies, customers now have all the tools necessary for building a state-of-the art, high-performance fault tolerant video security system - all delivered over an Ethernet network

We offer several future-proof upgrade solutions, many of which can make use of your existing cameras and infra-structure, with significant expansion possibilities using either conventional or IP network cameras.

To simplify installations or upgrades, the Veracity Highwire converters allow Ethernet traffic over COAXIAL cable, enabling multiple IP cameras, including megapixel cctv cameras to be transmitted down a single coaxial cable, which may already be in the ideal location.

We also design, supply and install encrypted long / wide range wireless IP networks to support our CCTV systems, which significantly reduces the installation costs, whilst offering the greatest system flexibility.

If you have your own IT department, and are willing to provide suitable network points across your site for the purposes of your security requirements, it is possible to greatly reduce the installation cost of a new system, or a system upgrade.

We offer a full range of intelligent video analysis products that can be simply and economically retrofitted to any existing CCTV video surveillance camera to detect and provide information on a number of behaviour patterns, such as boundary violations with virtual tripwires, unauthorised direction of movement, unattended article detection, article removal detection, together with video motion and non-motion detection.

It is also possible to intelligently control most current pan-tilt and zoom cameras (PTZ), to zoom-in and automatically track the suspicious activity, as defined by the behaviour patterns above.

Our web site is not simply an exhaustive list of products and services, it serves as a platform to showcase the most advanced products that we like to include in our flagship range.

Our website features Megapixel cameras from a range of manufacturers including Arecont, Lumenera, IQinvivision, Axis, Avigilon, Ioimage and Sentryscope.

We recommend that you take a moment to study our resolution comparison table, which conveniently displays all of the current video formats together with a list of Megapixel cameras from our ever-increasing range.

Images of each of the listed video formats can also be viewed or downloaded for side by side comparison, by simply clicking the links from the table.

Please contact us to discuss your CCTV video surveillance application, request a site survey or to arrange a product demonstration.


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