Ioimage Megapixel CCTV cameras

ioicam mmp100dn Megapixel CCTV Camera

Intelligent-Video 3 Megapixel Hybrid PIP/Dual-View Color Day/Night Camera

The ioicam mmp100dn is a 3-megapixel intelligent video camera with unique picture-in-picture (PIP) capabilities for synchronized analytics visualization and real-time monitoring and verification.

It provides easy-to-use indoor and outdoor intelligent video detection and electronic PTZ operation for security automation and high-quality security usable images.

The mmp100dn is optimized to use the same bandwidth and resolution as traditional IP security cameras but leverages the 3 megapixel sensor and 81x zoom for on-event PIP threat magnification.

The mmp100dn security camera automatically detects and tracks intruders, vehicles, and threats. It includes autonomous tracking in magnified PIP window, displaying both dynamic close-up tracking and full-view videos simultaneously.

With this functionality, security can see both magnified images of an intruder and full field of view simultaneously. The camera can continue to detect for other threats, undistracted, while providing vivid up-close images key for identification of persons and vehicles.

The mmp100dn is a self-monitoring alternative to more expensive traditional security surveillance monitoring, security guard patrols, straight-line detectors (PIR motion detectors, security fences sensors, ground sensors, laser fences), and offers a single alternative to mechanical PTZ and stationary CCTV camera combinations. As there are no moving parts, it is ideal for PTZ functionality in areas where tradition mechanical PTZ are impractical, cost prohibitive, or prone to failure.

The mmp100dn provides a high probability of detection (PoD) and extremely low false alarm rate, making it ideal for homeland defense, critical infrastructure protection (CIP), railroad video systems, transportation safety, food supply security, retail loss prevention, industrial sites, airport complexes, military deployments, government protection, border fence initiatives, school security programs, mall surveillance, or any security application where the images need to provide close up details while the big picture remains in full-view.


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  • 3 megapixel base-image resolution enables magnified identification at depth without narrowing the field-of-view, providing high-quality wider coverage than standard IP cameras
  • built-in analytics for intrusion detection, unattended objects/baggage detection, stopped vehicle detection, object removal detection, and autonomous (electronic) ptz tracking easy to install, sets up in minutes configure and view the intelligent video detection using a web browser or control software
  • consolidated one step intelligent-video and camera deployment with small footprint, effortless setup, and minimal infrastructure
  • offers better security-usable images with instant magnified PIP (picture-in-picture) verification for optimal situational awareness
  • non-mechanical electronic pan/tilt/zoom operates where mechanical PTZ alternatives are impractical, cost prohibitive, or prone to failure (ice, snow, lubricant failure, low temperatures, motor failure, or clogging dirt)
  • integrates easily into third-party application using the included HTTP/RTSP API
  • dual-view emulates pan-tilt-zoom functionality of two cameras in separate views
  • 81x digital zoom: using 3 megapixel, emulates 9x optical zoom plus an addition 9x digital zoom of a standard IP security camera resolution at 4CIF
  • hybrid: analog and MPEG4 streaming video
  • full duplex audio
  • small footprint and easy deployment including Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • operating temperature: -20c to 50c

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