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There are several ways to implement an IP based CCTV security system.

Principally a choice will need to be made between a centralised or distributed system, which will identify the locations of all of the recording and viewing devices.

The biggest challenge is determining the best way to route the incoming IP video streams from the cameras to the system recorders, and how to route the outgoing IP video streams from the system recorders to the display devices.

Puls Global offer a range of products to simplify the implementation of a flexible IP based CCTV security system, and can in many cases make use of whatever cabling infrastructure that may already exist on site.

The Veracity Highwire is a device that allows a conventional coaxial cable to transparently transmit ethernet signals at distances up to 300 metres.

Therefore with the Veracity Highwire it is possible to transmit the signals from multiple IP cameras, including megapixel cameras over a single coaxial cable.

A PoE version of the Veracity Highwire is now available.

The Veracity Outreach ethernet extender is a PoE device that simply attaches in line to extend the range of a CAT5 / CAT6 network cable.

It is possible to cascade up to three Veracity Outreach devices to achieve a possible range of 400 metres without the need for local power to each of the extenders.

Puls Global also provides a large range of wireless IP transmission and fibre optic systems. 

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