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Distributed CCTV Video Security Systems

Welcome to the Future of Video Security  Endura. Endless Adaptability.

Puls Global are proud to be one of the few companies certified and authorised to design, supply, install and maintain the new Pelco Endura™ high-quality, high-performance network-based video security system.

With Endura, Pelco provides a powerful distributed system architecture and hardware/software platform for the total utilization of today’s Ethernet networks. This non-centralized system allows customers to make use of a facility’s network and network infrastructure, representing a significant savings in cabling, hardware, and manpower resources.

Pelco Endura offers a limitless platform for designing and implementing video security systems, enabling the system and its components to interact and share video, audio, and control information in any way specified by the particular installation requirements.

The Pelco Endura hardware platform offers all the components necessary for designing, installing, and utilizing complete networked digital video systems – all delivered over an IP network with total access flexibility.

Additionally, Pelco Endura brings the look and feel of today’s analogue installations – critical for security professionals – to this new digital video system. Pelco Endura utilizes over 30 Pelco-exclusive pending U.S. and international patents to guarantee that the user’s experience is everything it needs to be. With excellent image quality and unparalleled agility, Endura’s performance is as powerful as its design is innovative.

Pelco Endura: The Future of Distributed Video

The Endura hardware/software platform is very powerful, and does not rely on any desktop operating system. For customers who demand an analogue feel and functionality, while realizing the benefits of a truly digital system, Pelco Endura is the only choice. Your Endura System is composed of the following components:

• Encoder — NET5301T

• Decoder — NET5301R

• Video Console Display — VCD5000

• Network Video Recorder — NVR5000

• Digital Video Recorder — DVR5000

• Storage Expansion Box — SEB5000

• Workstation — WS5050



• Keyboard — KBD5000

• System Manager — SM5000

• Rack Mount — RK5000

• Power Supply — EPS5000

• Wall Mount — WM5000

• EnduraStor Storage Optimization

• EnduraView Video Optimization

• Spectra III EVS Dome Positioning System



And, of course, with the huge range of innovations and technologies available within Endura, there’s only one way to offer added protection to this extremely solid system — and that’s with Pelco's 100-Percent Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Pelco leads the industry with a level of service and support that no other manufacturer can match. With Off-the-Shelf Product Availability, Guaranteed Ship Dates, 24-Hour Service & Repair Guarantees, and around-the-clock, Person-to-Person technical support, no one even comes close to matching the value of Endura.

Along with the very flexible physical attributes, network-based video security systems also offer a level of intelligence and communication between components not found in other systems. Pelco Endura components take full advantage of leading-edge technologies such as Universal Plug and Play, allowing for fast, error-proof installation and set up.

Essentially, when an Endura device is added to a system, it announces itself and the services it has available to offer. The existing devices acknowledge the new unit, and then begin exchanging information as user references and profiles dictate.

Competing approaches to network video are very simplistic. Most focus on basic video transport, attempting to replace the coax and move Video around a network. A few may offer simple PTZ control, and perhaps simple alarm reporting, but no one comes close to the system functionality of Endura. And for the most part, all are strictly PC / Windows-based systems.

Endura offers a best-of-both worlds solution, providing all the functionality and flexibility that customers demand. While there can be PC-based Endura workstations incorporated into a system they are not a requirement.

It is possible to build an entire Endura video security system without using Windows.

The Endura hardware platform is very powerful, and does not rely on any desktop operating system.

For customers who demand analogue feel and functionality, Endura systems make use of PTZ keyboards and video monitors in much the same way as traditional analogue video systems

With Endura, video is displayed on monitors in the way that security industry professionals have become most comfortable. Banks of monitors with single or multiple views, with programmed sequences and alarm call-ups are standard features.

Endura also completely eliminates the notion that users have to live with low quality or low frame-rate video. An Endura system is capable of full 4-CIF video quality, with full frame rate on every channel.

Endura offers a very wide range of view and display options for Composite, S-Video and VGA monitors, including multi-screen views, and very easy-to-use "pick and drop" mouse control.

This powerfully flexible system provides the ability to set up all Endura devices to work together in customized ways without specialised or elaborate equipment. For example, an alarm trigger can be set to activate a relay or multiple relays, call-up cameras to specific monitors, trigger e-malls, or dozens of different actions, from anywhere on the network.

A very impressive level of system diagnostic tools also has been implemented within Endura, ensuring that the system operates continuously at the optimum level. For an even deeper level of integration. Pelco is proud to make available a very advanced Endura SDK and industry-leading APl tool set for third-party developers.

A primary goal of Pelco engineers was to be able to create a geographically dispersed system that shared a common, intuitive, user interface - and in this they clearly succeeded. With Endura, from one component to the next, the look and feel of icons, tools. and interface are common throughout the system. This approach provides a quick learning curve for new users. In addition, system privileges and preferences are linked to the user. So as a user logs on and off the system from different locations, his security privileges and user parameters remain consistent.

Puls Global can invite you to a large demonstration facility for a hands-on  presentation of the formidable Pelco Endura cctv video security system, please contact us for further details.

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