Pelco Endura CM9700MDD-EVS Matrix Digital Decoder


Pelco Endura CM9700MDD-EVS matrix digital decoders use the latest Endura™ technology to transmit video from Endura products to Pelco CM9700 Series matrix switchers (using 9.03.012 software, or higher).

Adding the CM9700MDD-EVS to a matrix system allows a security operator to use the same Pelco CM9760-KBD keyboard functions to view and control video on both the Endura and matrix systems.


CM9760-KBD software version 8.24 or higher is required.

The CM9700MDD-EVS converts digital video streams from either Pelco Endura encoders or Endura recorders into analogue video and then outputs the video to the matrix switcher.

Data is communicated over a serial connection between the CM9700MDD-EVS and the CM9700-CC1, and analogue video is output to the matrix switcher using a BNC connection and coaxial cable.


Matrix Switching Systems CM9700 Series matrix switchers (CM9760, CM9770, CM9780; using 9.03.012 software, or higher)

Pelco Endura system components


RK5000PS-5U Rack mount with power supply (12 units)

WM5001-4U Wall mount without power supply (1 unit)

WM5001-4UEXP Wall mount expansion (1 unit)


NET5301PS Power supply for one CM9700MDD-EVS (4-pin connector)

TF2000 Power supply for one CM9700MDD-EVS (4-pin to 2-pin connector)

MCS Series Multiple unit power supply, indoor

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