Pelco Endura Gateway & Transcoders


Pelco Endura Gateways provide a connection between the highly managed Pelco Endura network environment and the open environment of corporate LANs, WANs, and the Internet.

Now, users on Pelco Endura networks can view and control live and recorded video on an Endura system via an intuitive and easy-to-use Web browser.

The Pelco Endura Gateway extends Endura accessibility while maintaining the performance, integrity and security of an Endura cctv system.

The Gateway authenticates Endura users, while managing up to 30 simultaneous connections. More connections can be supported by simply adding more Gateways to an Endura system, offering endless scalability.

Working together with the Pelco Endura Gateway, the Endura Transcoder converts Endura video streams to a format optimized for lower bandwidth networks - ideal for providing Internet connectivity to Endura.

Based on the speed of the user's connection, the Transcoder delivers a video stream to fit that bandwidth constraint.

Because each connection is managed independently, each user's experience is optimized.

Contact us for further details of the Pelco Endura range of distributed video security products.


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