Pelco Endura KBD5000 Keyboard


The Pelco Endura KBD5000 Series keyboard is the controller for Pelco’s network-based video system products. It is the point from which all user functions can be accessed.

The KBD5000 Series is configured with three control modules that are installed in receptacles on the keyboard base. Modules can be placed into any receptacle, creating a customized keyboard for operation with either the left or right hand.

The following three modules are included with the base:

• A variable speed, vector-solving joystick with keys for lens iris and focus control. The barrel-type joystick provides precise pan and tilt control of fixed speed and variable speed positioning systems. Twisting the joystick zooms the lens in and out. The joystick and button atop the joystick also are used for navigating the on-screen programming menus.

• A jog dial/shuttle ring for playback and menu navigation. The jog/shuttle contains four illuminated function keys. Each key’s color corresponds to the color of its icon displayed on the monitors linked to the user interface. This intuitive color matching design lets users navigate the on-screen menus without looking down to read keyboard text labels.

• A keypad for camera and monitor control. Keys select cameras and monitors, and the number of cameras to view.

The KBD5000 Series can be logically configured so any number of keyboards can be added to the system. When combined with Pelco’s new user interfaces (UIs), network video recorders (NVRs), and encoders, the KBD5000 forms an integral part of a complete network-based video control system.

The KBD5000 is connected to a USB port on the VCD5000 video console display. Together this pair provides all the traditional user keyboard functionality as well as full access to network-based operations and settings. The keyboard lets the user access operational functions displayed as semi-transparent graphical overlays on the monitor screen.

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