Pelco Endura Mapping


Pelco Endura Mapping gives users unprecedented control over their Endura system.

The flexible and intuitive interface makes it easy to configure and use maps in a Pelco Endura system.

Fully systemized with Endura, the application can receive and manage alarms from components, view video from cameras, push video onto monitors, and control relays throughout the Endura IP video system.

Centralized management ensures security of the system. User rights and permissions are managed by the Endura System Manager, providing a single database for managing the userís experience and access throughout the mapping interface - in concert with the rest of the Endura system.

The innovative pop-up window provides easy, instant access to all alarms associated with the icon, live video, the entire monitor wall, and relays associated with that icon.

Using the pop-up window allows a user to maintain vigilance over the map without having to jump back and forth to the workstation application.

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