Pelco Endura NET5301R Video Decoders

Pelco Endura NET5301R video decoders are high-performance, multiple-stream decoding units. Their main function is to convert multiple MPEG-4 streams into video signals to be viewed on a VGA or analogue monitor. They receives these streams over an Ethernet network from other Endura™ system components.

The NET5301R can simultaneously decode and display up to four streams on composite, S-Video, or VGA monitors. These streams can be a combination of live video from NET5301T video encoders or playback video from NVR5100 Series network video recorders. You can display a single stream full-screen or up to four streams in 2x2 format.

The Pelco Endura system incorporates EnduraView™ video optimization technology to select the best image quality and frame rate for the NET5301R, all without affecting the system recording rate.

The video decoder supports half-duplex, bidirectional audio over the network. The system operator (security personnel) can see and hear the person.

The NET5301R can be configured for three alarm inputs and one relay output. When an alarm event is triggered, the unit can send a message to an operator, trigger a relay, and implement video recording from a video encoder to a network video recorder.

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