Pelco Endura Video Encoders NET5301T

The Net5301T is a high-performance MPEG4 video encoder. It accepts analogue video and audio signals and converts them into digital TCP/IP in packets, as well as provides an interface for relays and alarms. The unit supports up to 2 independent video streams of 4CIF quality, at 30 frames per second. The Encoder is Coaxitron and Pelco D Protocol compatible.

This dual-stream high performance, single-input video encoding unit converts live analogue video signals into dual MPEG-4 streams, and can process up to 30 high quality images per second, per stream, and uses motion adaptive deinterlacing technology to eliminate jitter in 4CIF images.

The encoder incorporates EnduraView video optimization technology that allows for selection of the best image quality and frame rate for the target Endura component (decoder, workstation, console) without affecting the recording rate. In addition the encoder provides three programmable alarm inputs (supervised or unsupervised) and one relay output.  The dual-stream video encoder is capable of encoding and processing video and audio.

The NET5301T video encoder offers both unsecured and secured modes, and uses a proprietary key system in the secured mode to prevent unauthorized devices from communicating with the Endura encoder.

The unit supports both NTSC and PAL video formats.

Video loss is indicated by an indicator on the front panel.

The unit has audio input support, and PTZ support via Pelco P/Pelco D (RS-422) and Coaxitron (up the coax) protocols.

These units can be powered from 12-24V ac/dc, with a low power requirement of only 8 watts. It is therefore possible to power these encoders directly from most camera power supplies.

The NET5301T encoders have desktop (feet), wall, or rack mounting options.

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