Pelco Endura NVR5100 Network Video Recorder


Pelco Endura NVR5100 Series network video recorders (NVR) represents a whole new generation of flexibility and integration for network-based video system recording. It is the recording component of Endura™, Pelco’s most advanced integrated video security system.

The NVR represents the state of the art in scalability, features, and reliability.

The NVR5100 Series recorder is capable of continuous, scheduled, alarm/event, and motion recording. Pre- and post-alarm, event, and motion recording is also available and is fully programmable on a per-channel basis. The unit maximizes storage efficiency using EnduraStor™, a time- and priority-based system that identifies data to be removed when storage reaches capacity.

Designed with reliability in mind, the NVR5100 Series provides performance enhancement and fault tolerance by employing RAID 5 disk management across as many as 12 hard drives. The NVR incorporates two RAID 5 controllers, each managing six hard drives, for up to 9Tb of internal storage capacity.


The NVR5100 Series recorder does not support hot drive expansion.

Diagnostics are systemized with other Pelco Endura products so that problems are reported to various network infrastructure-monitoring systems. Dual redundant, hot-swap power supplies round out the reliability features of the NVR5100 Series, ensuring maximum system reliability.

The NVR5100 Series recorder is the network-based video recording system of the future. It integrates seamlessly with Pelco’s integrated security products to create a robust, secure, and expandable security platform. When combined with Pelco’s WS5050 Endura workstation and standalone user interfaces, the NVR5100 Series becomes a powerful search, retrieval, and archival audio/video system.


• Supports up to 48 Cameras at 30 Frames per Second, 4CIF Resolution (NVR5148)

• Supplies up to 32 Simultaneous Playback Streams and up to 10 Simultaneous Queries

• Expandable Storage Capacity Using Pelco’s Storage Expansion Boxes (SEB5100 Series)

• Plug-and-Play Configuration

• Data Authentication Facilities

• Output Viewable on up to 32 Individual Workstations

• Records Video, Audio, and Data Streams for Every Channel

• EnduraStor Storage Management System

• Hot-Swappable Hard Drives and Power Supplies

• Fault Tolerance and Performance Enhanced Through Use of RAID 5

• Storage Locking

• Fully Compatible with Pelco’s Integrated System Architecture

• System Diagnostics and Error Logging

• Full Over-the-Network Remote Control and Administration

• Redundant Power Supplies

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