Pelco Endura VCD Video Console Display


Pelco Endura VCD5000 Series video console display is a high-performance, multiple stream decoding unit. Its main function is to convert multiple MPEG-4 streams into video signals to be viewed on a VGA or analog monitor.

The Pelco Endura VCD5000 also provides a user interface to the Pelco Endura™ system.

Depending on the VCD5000 model, up to 16, 32, 48, or 64 streams can be decoded and displayed simultaneously.

Video can be displayed on NTSC/PAL composite, NTSC/PAL S-video, or VGA monitors.

Every output option can display a single image, four images (2x2), nine images (3x3), and sixteen images (4x4).

When multiple images are displayed, the patent-pending EnduraView™ technology automatically provides the best video display frame rate for the selected cameras.

The VCD5000 Series provides a user interface to the Endura system. When used with the KBD5000 keyboard, the VCD5000 allows a user to operate the system like a traditional matrix, using the joystick, jog shuttle, and keypad to control the video display.

The VCD5000 also provides NVR-like functionality, allowing users to record, play back, and export video.

The VCD5000 Series provides access to these functions through a graphical overlay on the monitor screen. The user may turn this overlay on and off with a single button push on the KBD5000 keyboard.

The overlays are semitransparent so as not to completely block the scene behind the menu.

The simplified menu structure and corresponding KBD5000 function buttons make it easy for even inexperienced users to operate the system.

The system facilitates growth in two directions:-

To add workstations to accommodate multiple users, install additional VCD5000s and KBD5000s.

To add monitors to decode additional video inputs without adding user workstations, simply install compatible four-channel decoders (NET5301R) to create a completely scalable virtual matrix.


VCD5001 Video console display with one output card (handles up to 16 video streams)

VCD5002 Video console display with two output cards (handles up to 32 video streams)

VCD5003 Video console display with three output cards (handles up to 48 video streams)

VCD5004 Video console display with four output cards (handles up to 64 video streams)

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