Pelco Endura Intelligent Video Analytics



Pelco Endura NET530IT-I Series Intelligent Encoder brings Endura versatility and performance to Pelco's line of lP-based video security systems, while adding industry leading object and activity detection to a distributed platform.

The Pelco Endura approach puts the power of intelligent video where you need it, which offers key performance advantages over centralized approaches.

The system can immediately process video in real-time, enabling a higher level of accuracy in video analytics, while minimizing demands on network bandwidth.

NET5301T-I Endura Intelligent Encoders run a suite of object and activity detection behaviors, all systemized with Endura.

Through constant screening and filtering, Endura Intelligent Video can identify specific conditions and notify operators of potential situations.

With the ability to "manage by exception," security teams can make informed decisions to deploy resources only when and where they are needed.

Complete control of Intelligent Video is available through the WS5000 Advanced System Software, making it quick and easy for installers and users to customize the operation of each behavior for their unique environments. Alarms, relays, and much more are systemized with the rest of Endura.

As a truly intelligent system promises, there is no need for additional system integration work - users can get up and running with video analytics immediately.

Contact us for further details of the Pelco Endura range of distributed video security products.

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