Pelco Endura Wireless

Designed from the ground up for outdoor video surveillance applications, the Pelco Endura Wireless series of encoders and transmitters sets the standard for wireless video security applications.

Pelco Endura Wireless is ideal for parking lots, multi-facility campuses, seaports, airports, City surveillance systems, dams, waterways, and anywhere else that cannot support a wired infrastructure.

All components are fully systemized with Endura, providing high-quality digital streams and instant diagnostics.  

Compared to other systems, Endura Wireless high-power radios deliver a higher quality signal, longer distances, higher link speeds, greater up time, and an optimized user experience for wireless video.

The EW5301T Endura Wireless Encoder combines encoding and wireless transmission into one integrated unit.

The EW5001 Endura Wireless Transmitter can be programmed as an access point for a point-to-multi-point system, or as a bridge to connect two networks.

The companion EW5002 Endura Wireless Transmitter functions as both an access point and backhaul combination, ideal when a number of cameras must be connected and transmitted where a wired network does not exist.

Contact us for further details of the Pelco Endura range of distributed video security products.

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