Pelco Endura WS5050 Workstation


Pelco Endura WS5050 workstation is a high-end personal computer designed to deliver optimum performance for the WS5000 Advanced System Software.

The Pelco Endura workstation has two video outputs, a USB keyboard, and a mouse. The WS5050 can decode and display up to 16 video streams simultaneously. Up to four streams can be displayed at a full 4CIF resolution at 30/25 (NTSC/PAL) images per second per stream.

The WS5050 includes a single license of the WS5000 Advanced System Software.

The WS5000 Advanced System Software is a graphical user interface software that provides access to all operation and configuration features of the Pelco Endura system in one unified, user-friendly interface. The interface uses drag and drop operations, shortcut menus, and tooltips to enable the most direct, intuitive interactions.

Sound, graphics, color, and on-screen messages provide helpful, ongoing feedback about user activity and system status.

With this software users can view live video; control cameras; record video; and search, play back, and export recorded video.

Video display options include a single image (1x1), four images (2x2), nine images (3x3), sixteen images (4x4), six images (1 large + 5 small), ten images (2 large + 8 small), and 13 images (1 large + 12 small).

When multiple images are displayed, the patent pending EnduraView technology automatically adjusts the video display frame rates to provide the best rate for the cameras.

Cameras can be assigned to a user-defined location or camera group; these locations and groups can then be used in the display, sorting, and selection of devices—a feature especially valuable in larger systems.

The WS5000 software also allows users with the proper authority to perform administrative functions, such as configuring devices, setting up users, adjusting network settings, and creating recording schedules.

Permissions to access these functions and all other system services can be configured to a fine level of detail. Users see only those devices and features to which they have been granted permission.

The WS5000 software offers a powerful scripting interface. With scripts, users can flexibly and easily automate many system functions in almost any combination. An enhanced search interface enables searches across multiple devices, time ranges, and event types.

System logs can also be searched, printed, and exported. A front panel USB port and DVD±RW/CD-RW drive make it easy to export video clips and still images to external media.

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