SentryScope 21 Megapixel CCTV Camera

(Click here to download the full resolution 21 megapixel version of above image)

SentryScope is a whole new approach to surveillance video. Unlike conventional cameras that take an entire image at once, SentryScope uses advanced linescan technology, acquiring each image one line at a time.

Military aircraft and satellites have long used this method for ultra-high resolution reconnaissance and weather observation.

The Power of Linescan

The SentryScope camera contains a linescan image sensor and a precisely controlled scanning mirror. At each instant of time the sensor records only a narrow vertical line in the monitored area. The motion of the scanning mirror causes this vertical line to sweep across the area from left-to-right in about one second.

Up to 10,240 vertical lines are recorded during the scan, forming the full image. The result? Unmatched image clarity and detail.

SentryScope has been designed from thegr ound up using advanced digital technology.

A dedicated Fast Ethernet link connects the main camera to its control unit, SentryServer, located in the security office or other protected area. All adjustments to the camera are made electronically from this remote point, not at the camera location.

SentryServer controls the camera, records the video, and manages the display of both live and stored images.

Use on a Network or Stand-Alone

Simply attach a keyboard, monitor and mouse to SentryServer for stand-alone operation. For the most power, place SentryServer on your Local or Wide Area Network (LAN or WAN).

Network operation allows an almost unglobal number of cameras to be viewed and controlled from multiple locations.

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